Motivation Through Recognition & Record Keeping

Motivation Through Recognition & Record Keeping! At Integrity Design USA we know a little something about Motivation! Our tag line is “Motivation By Design” and every graphic we create, every championship banner, sign, floor mat, pennant, flag or decal that we produce is built with the goal of properly branding and motivating athletes to perform their best and students to support their teams with more pride! So, how can you, as the coach, administrator, or trainer help increase your team’s work ethic, commitment, and dedication to success in addition to the personal things you do through your interaction and coaching [...]

Upgrading Your School’s “Branded Items” In Your Athletic Facilities On A Small Budget

Upgrading Your School’s “Branded Items” In Your Athletic Facilities On A Small Budget First, what does upgrading your “branded items” entail? You have likely encountered old and deteriorating gym mats, motivational signs, outdoor windscreens and other branded school items in and around your athletic facilities. Whether it is motivational signs or branded mats in your weight room and gym, or torn windscreens on your tennis courts, baseball and football fields, having old and worn branded school items can be unproductive, both for motivation and also for production. No one likes to see torn windscreens with only half of the banner [...]

What To Consider When Selecting Your Championship Banners

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS FOR YOUR GYM Having worked with sports programs at the High School and College level all across the country, we know a thing or two about championship banners! From design to materials, and installation we understand the importance of recognizing past accomplishments while motivating future athletes! We also understand that for many programs the costs associated with purchasing banners can often be a barrier for upgrading and adding to their gym. Here are a few things to understand and consider while you are in the process of ordering championship banners: Understand that [...]

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