Having worked with sports programs at the High School and College level all across the country, we know a thing or two about championship banners! From design to materials, and installation we understand the importance of recognizing past accomplishments while motivating future athletes! We also understand that for many programs the costs associated with purchasing banners can often be a barrier for upgrading and adding to their gym.

Here are a few things to understand and consider while you are in the process of ordering championship banners:

Understand that there are a few different types of banners to consider. One of the most popular banners are the hanging banners from the rafters of the gym which identify a single accomplishment for a particular year, such as State Champions – Football, 2017.
These types of banners typically hang for perpetuity among the others as single accomplishments to be recognized by both current students and staff, as well as alumni and future athletes.

The second type of banner usually involves some type of updating of accomplishments as they are earned each year. This type of banner typically is referred to as an add-a-year banner, where dates, titles, and accomplishments are added to an existing banner that is hanging in the gym or hallways! The fall back on just having the add-a-year banner is the visual impact of having multiple banners that display each winning year with its own date and accomplishment!

For the majority of schools, we recommend add-a-year gym banners for the more common accomplishments such as league, district and regional championships. Then we advise them to get individual championship banners for the most difficult accomplishments like state championship wins. This is a great way to combine the two and properly display all of your accomplishments.

Understanding your program, school history and ability to purchase banners in the future can help you determine if the add-a-year banners work better for you.

Selecting the correct sizes and materials for your championship banners. Both of these issues can impact the costs associated with purchasing and installation, as well as long-term durability.
When selecting sizes, ultimately the space you have available on your walls or from your rafters will determine this. However, if space is not an issue, considering sizes will have a slight impact on costs, with the bigger banners being more expensive of course.

Durability is also an issue to consider because you want your banners to last as long as possible. The materials we use at Integrity Design USA are built to last, with indoor banners you won’t have an issue. Selecting the proper materials becomes more important with outdoor banners. The professionals at Integrity Design USA are here to help you make the best decisions as you upgrade and add to your banner collection!