UA Fence Runners

Our Fence Runners are a fantastic way to brand your stadium, playing field and campus and highlight your partnership with Under Armour.  Let our creative team develop the material to raise your school brand, show your status as part of the Under Armour team and turn your grounds into a campus students will be proud of.

The fence runner banner material allows 30% wind pass through. Our 1” hems are fabricated and finished with a weld process that uses state-of-the-art technology to bond the materials together to provide for years of service.


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Product Features

  • Digital direct printing

  • Custom sizes available

  • Allows 30% wind pass through

  • Reinforced grommets every 24”

  • Fire-retardant

  • Reinforced weld-web edges

Need Inspiration? Pick a design we’ll customize it with your branding.

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QUESTIONS? Talk with a Design Specialist