Upgrading Your School’s “Branded Items” In Your Athletic Facilities On A Small Budget

First, what does upgrading your “branded items” entail?

You have likely encountered old and deteriorating gym mats, motivational signs, outdoor windscreens and other branded school items in and around your athletic facilities. Whether it is motivational signs or branded mats in your weight room and gym, or torn windscreens on your tennis courts, baseball and football fields, having old and worn branded school items can be unproductive, both for motivation and also for production.

No one likes to see torn windscreens with only half of the banner still attached (unless it is your competitor). How about walking on to the field and your school logo isn’t even visible because the banners are torn and falling down.

Maybe your budget isn’t allowing a complete upgrade for all of these items. We understand. School budgets continue to get squeezed and often times this area is the last to receive financial support.

Keep in mind that not only can worn branded items negatively impact performance and motivation, but they also can decrease participation and future attendance at your school.

So, how do you make an impact with the little budget you may have?

Be Smart

Make sure to go over all of the areas in your control that need improvement and prioritize! A “wish list” of all items you would like to upgrade is a first step. As the saying goes, “admitting it is the first step to recovery”, and acknowledging that certain areas need upgrading will help you determine a priority list of items to upgrade, based on their current conditions.


Some ideas that can help you achieve your wish list:

Fundraisers. Car washes, bake sales, garage sales etc., are excellent ways to help raise funds for much needed branded upgrades!
Sponsorships. Work with alumni and local business who not only want to support their school but also enjoy the benefits of advertising in school programs, on banners and other branded printed items.
Partnerships. There are great programs with major manufacturers, such as Under Armour, who often help programs worthy of their partnerships! Reach out to them, but be ready to sell your school and brand!
Work with experts. This is where we come in. Make sure you are working with professional people who will understand your needs, and who provides you durable and quality products at fair prices!
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