What are “motivational signs” and why are they important to my team?

What are “motivational signs” and why are they important to my team? Since the beginning of organized sports there has been a desire to motivate team members to help achieve greater effort and hopefully results! The coaches and captains speeches before the game, the “rally cry” at the assembly and cheers from both the cheer squad and fans all help to motivate the efforts of the players! But, what about the day in, day out, motivation for your sports team? In the weight room you may see motivational signs like “Winners Are Created In This Room”, “Everyday You Have A [...]

Why Do I Need Floor Mats In My Gym Or Weight Room?

Virtually every entryway requires some level of protection! Floor mats are an excellent way to help keep dirt and grass out of areas where you don’t want them, including your gym and weight rooms! The main job of matting is to stop as much dirt as possible from progressing further into the building or facility! It is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced distributor like Integrity Designs USA to ensure that you are paying for and receiving the proper size and quality mats for your specific needs! Mats operate like “entrance filters” because in essence they filter dirt [...]

Is It Important To “Brand” My High School? And, How Do I Do This Cost Effectively?

Is It Important To “Brand” My High School? And, How Do I Do This Cost Effectively? Every school is seeking higher student enrollment and participation in activities, including athletics, clubs and more. Many institutions, however, overlook the opportunity to “brand” their school as part of their marketing efforts and day-to-day activities. When it comes to increasing participation, an effective branding strategy can help dramatically increase enrollment, participation, and success (including financially) for the school. School officials, coaches, and administrators can cost-effectively help promote their teams, clubs, and organizations to the community while increasing motivation and participation through various products, such [...]

Five Top Reasons for Off-season Training.

1. Improve General Strength 2. Improve Coordination 3. Improve Movement Patters 4. Strengthen Aerobic Energy 5. Prevent Injuries In a nutshell, improve performance and PREPARE FOR NEXT YEAR. Most sports have an offseason. A time when athletes can relax and not have the pressure of competition weighing down on them. A time to take two or three weeks to rest and enjoy other aspects of their life. But, after these two or three weeks it’s time to start training again. The worst thing an Athlete can do in the offseason The worst thing an athlete can do is spend their [...]

Windscreens……Who Needs Them?

Windscreens……Who Needs Them? Banners, signs, fence runners, and yes even windscreens! There are many ways to refer to them, and we hear the different versions from coaches, players and even parents who are looking to order one for their teams. You will see windscreens lining the fences of baseball, soccer, football and rugby fields. Even tennis courts are an excellent place to hang these signs that help motivate and brand your team! But another important use of these banners is the protection they provide in blocking the wind and other disturbances from good old mother nature! The multi-purpose branded windscreens [...]

The History Of Spirit Flags In Sporting Events

The History Of Spirit Flags In Sporting Events! No one truly knows exactly when the first flag was flown in an actual sporting event. Flags have a long history, and in the early years, they were used as field signs or standards, which were used in warfare, representing, for example, The Roman Empire or other nations. Flags have represented countries on the battlefield, on ships that sailed the sea and in permanent positions at monuments and cemeteries, where the symbolically recognized the lives of those lost in battle. “People preparing for war with their battle cry and flags, storming the [...]

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