CIF SPECIAL – PROmesh Fence Runner

Remake your facilities and strengthen your brand. Show pride in your program and build a home field advantage. with PROmesh Fence Runners from Integrity Design. Present a winning attitude and let your competition know who’s field they’re on!

Size SKU Reg. SALE
20’x4′ CIF-BNR-204 $264 $214
25’x5′ CIF-BNR-255 $412 $334
30’x3′ CIF-BNR-303 $307 $248
40’x4′ CIF-BNR-404 $502 $407
45’x4′ CIF-BNR-454 $571 $463
45’x5′ CIF-BNR-455 $651 $527
60’x4′ CIF-BNR-604 $672 $544


The fence runner banner material allows 30% wind pass through. Our 1” hems are fabricated and finished with a weld process that uses state-of-the-art technology to bond the materials together to provide for years of service.

Sale ends 2-28-19

Questions? Call 866-416-3863 ext. 101

Questions? Call 866-416-3863 ext. 101

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