Is It Important To “Brand” My High School? And, How Do I Do This Cost Effectively?
Every school is seeking higher student enrollment and participation in activities, including athletics, clubs and more. Many institutions, however, overlook the opportunity to “brand” their school as part of their marketing efforts and day-to-day activities.

When it comes to increasing participation, an effective branding strategy can help dramatically increase enrollment, participation, and success (including financially) for the school.
School officials, coaches, and administrators can cost-effectively help promote their teams, clubs, and organizations to the community while increasing motivation and participation through various products, such as signage throughout the school area.
Banners that hang from the rafters in the gym, pole banners that hang in the parking lots, motivational signs that hang on the wall in the weight room, mesh banners that line the football stadium bleachers are all excellent ways to brand your school.

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