Motivation Through Recognition & Record Keeping

Motivation Through Recognition & Record Keeping!
At Integrity Design USA we know a little something about Motivation! Our tag line is “Motivation By Design” and every graphic we create, every championship banner, sign, floor mat, pennant, flag or decal that we produce is built with the goal of properly branding and motivating athletes to perform their best and students to support their teams with more pride!

So, how can you, as the coach, administrator, or trainer help increase your team’s work ethic, commitment, and dedication to success in addition to the personal things you do through your interaction and coaching of the athletes?

Record Keeping and Recognition.

It’s basic and simple. It is human nature that there is something in the heart of every dedicated athlete that not only wants to improve upon existing school records but also wants to be memorialized in eternity so generations that follow can see their achievements and successes.

Recognition comes in many forms, maybe a trophy or medal that sits on your mantle at home. Maybe it is recognition at the next school assembly. But, even that form of recognition is fleeting.

Findlay Prep Basketball Record Sign

Nothing truly motivates achievements like the record books! And for so many sports this is really important. Were you the fastest runner in the 440? Maybe you swam the fastest 100-meter backstroke in the state finals. Or, maybe your tennis team went undefeated for three straight seasons. Who was the strongest in bench press last year? Talk about motivating your football team in the weight room! These are all wonderful accomplishments and it is important to not only record them but to share them.

These are all wonderful accomplishments and it is important to not only record them but to share them.

As we mentioned above, it is one thing to take recognition home with you in the form of a trophy or medal, but it is another thing to be recognized among your current athletes and peers, but also be memorialized for future athletes to see.

And, the best way to do this is through long-standing signs that permanently display these records. It is a great way to motivate your team or individual athlete to do better.

Champions Banners with Records

Consider signs and banners that display these records. They are cost-effective, help promote healthy competition and are a great way to add motivation to your programs!

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