Why Do I Need Floor Mats In My Gym Or Weight Room?

Virtually every entryway requires some level of protection! Floor mats are an excellent way to help keep dirt and grass out of areas where you don’t want them, including your gym and weight rooms!

The main job of matting is to stop as much dirt as possible from progressing further into the building or facility! It is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced distributor like Integrity Designs USA to ensure that you are paying for and receiving the proper size and quality mats for your specific needs!

Mats operate like “entrance filters” because in essence they filter dirt that comes in from the street or parking lot, fields, courts and even water.

Floor mats mainly serve as protection against dirt and damage to your expensive flooring, however, they also serve as excellent branding tools!

Vibrant logo matting can easily compliment your school branding efforts and can help motivate your players / athletes as they work out and train for competition.