Windscreens……Who Needs Them?

Windscreens……Who Needs Them?
Banners, signs, fence runners, and yes even windscreens! There are many ways to refer to them, and we hear the different versions from coaches, players and even parents who are looking to order one for their teams.

You will see windscreens lining the fences of baseball, soccer, football and rugby fields. Even tennis courts are an excellent place to hang these signs that help motivate and brand your team!

But another important use of these banners is the protection they provide in blocking the wind and other disturbances from good old mother nature! The multi-purpose branded windscreens make them an excellent choice for schools and teams when seeking that professional look to their field or court.

Under Armour Windscreen

Let’s Consider The Following:
Improved Performance During Competition.
When you produce and install custom windscreens for your facility you help improve the performance of your team by lessening the negative elements that can occur during competition, such as dust and trash that may blow onto the field during windy days. The windscreens help decrease the distraction players may incur during competition. The players are also protected better personally, and parents and coaches love this!

Professionally Branded Facilities
With quality produced windscreens printed with your team mascot, message, mission statement, or motivational message you can cost-effectively transform your field or court to a professionally branded facility that reflects your school and team. Don’t let the boring chain-link fences define who you are! Using branded windscreens is a great product that not only protects but also adds so much to your facility! Incorporate your team colors, logos and some oversized lettering for the high-impact look that is often found at university and professional venues. A little color can go a long way towards rejuvenating the look of your fields or taking new playing fields to the next level.

Tennis Court Windscreen

It’s All About You, Your Team, Your Brand and Being Consistent!
Whether you are a middle school, high school, college, or little league team when you are talking about branding it is all about being consistent. Showing team spirit, motivating your players and promoting your brand is important, and windscreens are a cost effective way of continuing the branding strategies your organization seeks to maintain. Colors, logos, fonts all come into play and the experts at Integrity Design, USA are here to help you from a design point of view!